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Sonoma bakery | Loaves of bread being prepped for the oven

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Gingerbread Cruller
Cruller & Coffee
Gingerbread Cruller

Gingerbread Cruller



Sonoma's distinctive crullers fuse the delicious elements of donuts and eclairs. Crafted by hand-piping cocoa-infused batter, fried to perfection, and then immersing each one in a glaze steeped with gingerbread spices. Finally, they're adorned with a sprinkle of gingerbread wafer crumble, adding an extra layer of delight to each bite.

  • Key Ingredients
    Whole Milk, Butter, Sugar, Sea Salt, Wheat Flour, Eggs, Cocoa, Honey, Cottonseed Oil, Gingerbread Spice Blend (Cinnamon, Ginger Powder, Cloves), Paillete Feuilletine, White Chocolate.
  • Allergens
    Gluten (Flour), Dairy (Milk, Butter), Eggs, Soy (Soy Lecithin), Tree Nuts (Almonds)
  • Serving & Storage
    Best eaten same day. Keep at room temperature, do not refrigerate.
Gingerbread Cruller   10.00   Pastry

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