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Sonoma bakery | Loaves of bread being prepped for the oven

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Sonoma Bakery

Sonoma Limited Edition Chocolate Panettone

Our Limited-Edition Chocolate Panettone is now available to pre-order.

Sonoma Bakery's Limited Edition Chocolate Panettone
EST b24sqm 98

This year’s exclusive edition is a celebration of chocolate and our most decadent version yet. The naturally leavened, soft, rich, and buttery interior is perfectly balanced with sustainably sourced Belgian couverture dark chocolate and a hail sugar macaronade crust.

Pre-Order Chocolate Panettone for pick up from 10th of December
Sonoma Bakery Limited Edition Chocolate Panettone

Individually boxed in beautiful packaging making them the perfect gift for food lovers or statement piece for entertaining.

Pre-Order Chocolate Panettone for pick up from 10th of December
It takes 36 hours and a lifetime of experience to make a single loaf of our handcrafted sourdough. Nothing is rushed, perfection takes time.
- Andrew Connole, Founder
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From humble beginnings, Sonoma's story begins in the late 1940s, with a young boy in a country bakery.

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Est B24SQM 98

Expertly crafted & carefully curated, producing bread of the highest quality using sustainable ingredients.

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