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Fruit Mince Tarts
Fruit Mince Tarts
Fruit Mince Tarts
Fruit Mince Tarts Group

Fruit Mince Tarts


An indulgent all-butter cinnamon short crust pastry tart filled with brandy soaked vine fruits, festive spices and a sprinkling of raw sugar for delightful crunchy sweet crust.

  • Key Ingredients
    Wheat Flour, Sugar, Butter, Vine Dried Fruits, Apples, Candied Orange, Brandy, Cognac, Vanilla, Spices.
  • Allergens
    Gluten (Flour), Dairy (Milk, Butter)
  • Serving & Storage
    Our fruit mince tarts taste exceptional at room temperature or slightly warmed. To heat, warm tarts in oven at 100c for 5-10 minutes. Served with custard, there is something magical about the contrast between hot tarts and cold cream on the same plate.
    Ambient temperature away from direct sunlight
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