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Sonoma bakery | Loaves of bread being prepped for the oven

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Sonoma Mission
Sonoma Mission
Sonoma Mission
Sonoma Mission
Sonoma Mission

Sonoma Mission

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Named after San Francisco’s Mission District as a show of respect for the 1998 inspiration from Chad Robertson. This impressive loaf is characterised by its golden chewy crust and custard-like interior texture.

  • Key ingredients
    Sustainable Wheat Flour, Filtered Water, Leaven, Sustainable Wheat Malt Flour, Sea Salt, Rice Flour, Semolina.
  • Allergens
    Gluten (Flour)
  • Serving & Storage
    Serve warm with cultured butter to round out a meal with simple style.
    Best eaten within 3 days of baking.


We source premium locally grown and chemical-free sustainable flour. Our chemical-free mission is only made possible through our long term partnership with Wholegrain Milling and their respected network of farmers that follow stringent practices, giving us a 100% guarantee that the grain that leaves the farm is free from synthetic fertilizers and other harmful chemicals.

The grains are grown using farming techniques that support soil improvement, using natural inputs to promote the long-term sustainability of the environment.

Wholegrain Milling are pioneers in stone milling and their process delivers an unparalleled quality of flour that is bursting with flavour and rich in nutrients. Their milling process allows for the grain to pass through the mill slowly and at cooler temperatures to preserve the precious essential enzymes and nutrients retained in the wholegrain.

Bread in the making

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