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Sonoma bakery | Loaves of bread being prepped for the oven

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Banana Bread
Banana Bread
Banana Bread
Banana Bread

Banana Bread



Loaded with ripe bananas and a touch of cinnamon. Sweet and moist, perfect toasted with cultured butter.

  • Key Ingredients
    Wheat Flour, Bananas, Filtered Water, Brown Sugar, Eggs, Milk Powder, Baking Powder, Salt, Cinnamon.
  • Allergens
    Gluten (Flour), Dairy (Milk, Butter), Eggs
  • Serving & Storage
    Toasted with lashings of cultured butter or enjoy freshly sliced.
    Will keep refrigerated for 2 to 3 days in an airtight container.
Banana Bread   6.50   Pastry

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